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Medical Laboratory Technician

Company: CHRISTUS Health
Location: Longview
Posted on: May 13, 2022

Job Description:


Medical Laboratory Technician performs tasks associated with production of laboratory information.Job duties includes specimen collection, specimen processing, specimen analysis and information transfer

Responsible for performing technician duties.

1.Answers phone. - Promptly and politely answers phone according to established guidelines; takes appropriate action, in a helpful and caring manner; uses a moderate tone of voice, identifies self to the caller and doesn't keep caller holding for long period of time.

2.Follows through on customer requests. - Identifies customer requests such as calling result or faxing results and consistently meets the customer expectation.

3.Efficiently processes specimens for testing. - Demonstrates an ability to organizes samples, check specimen integrity, accession samples and checks ordered tests versus requisition.Follows up on incomplete requests.Performs task in a timely manner.

B)Blood Bank

1.Responsible for maintenance of blood component inventory. - Orders blood components from supplier to maintain adequate inventory level; stores products appropriately within established time frame; documents receipt or return of blood products; responds appropriately to refrigerator or freezer alarms and takes necessary action; completely documents alarm activation and action taken.

2.Responsible for preparing appropriate blood components for transfusion. - Selects components appropriately with regard to outdate, kind, and blood type to conserve supplies; performs the appropriate until testing; processes the component appropriately; follows established protocols for issuing or returning components; completely documents each step.

C)Common Evaluation Criteria for Laboratory Services and Hospital.

1.Attendance. - Number of absences and notification of inability to report to work consistent with facility policy.

2.Initiative. - Willingly helps other associates without being asked; readily answers telephone in a timely manner; retrieves carriers from the pneumatic tube; volunteers for specimen pick-up; readily assists in all phases of production (collection, transport, receiving, processing, testing, reporting) as appropriate for job scope.

3.Communication. - Consistently reads department bulletin board messages; uses the section message boards to communicate important information; reads and documents in the section communication logs; regularly attends facility, department or section meetings; positively participates in meetings.

4.Organizational Skills. - Correctly prioritizes tasks; work area is efficiently organized; co-workers can easily follow behind; timely follow up to problems or outliers; consistently utilizes reports (e.g., collection summary, incomplete work, etc.) to detect problems; completes assigned tasks prior to end of work shift; actively contributes to minimizing test turnaround time.

5.Appearance. - Dress consistently as described by the facility dress code; maintains a neat work area; cleans work area at correct intervals; works well with Environmental Services, Plant Services or other departments to keep work area clean and functional.

6.Quality. - Identifies and communicates possible improvements; actively looks for ways to improve the job; assists supervisor with performance improvement activities; consistently performs QC at correct intervals; documents QC activity regularly; correctly interprets QC data or statistics; persistent in corrective action for QC failures; actively follows up on testing or tasks not completed in a timely manner.

7.Safety. - Attends all of the necessary safety training and infection control programs; consistently use personal protective equipment to prevent injury; demonstrates good safety skills in daily activities; uses good body mechanics when lifting, bending or stooping; number of preventable work related injuries is minimal; hazardous waste is properly handled and disposed; all accidents or safety concerns are properly reported in a timely manner.

8.Resource Steward. - Uses supplies efficiently; seeks ways to minimize supply usage; departs when assignments are completed and supervisor approves; minimal use of overtime due to not completing work on time; uses products according to expiration date to prevent wastage; consistently dates products when received or opened; uses good judgment in requesting supplies to avoid over-stocking.

9.Teaching or Coaching. - Acts as a positive mentor to fellow associates; welcomes new associates to the team; accurately explains "lab functions" to associates from other departments; presents information or demonstrates tasks for med tech, med lab tech or phlebotomy students; willingly shares accurate information with others.

10.Positive Identification of Patients, Information or Samples. - Always checks patient armband for inpatients; makes appropriate inquiries of outpatients to verify ID before collecting specimens; uses correct patient name and date of birth when ordering or resulting; always analyzes the correct sample; always aliquots the correct specimen; releases information according to confidential information criteria.

11.Problem Resolution. - Recognizes when a problem or concern exists; remains calm during challenging periods; communicates the concern appropriately; documents the issue; develops an effective action plan; implements corrective action; follows up to prevent problems from occurring again; is not a source of problems or concerns.

12.Job Knowledge. - Actively learns new skills; participates and documents continuing education activities; readily shares job knowledge with others; demonstrates an ability to navigate information system software or operate personal computer; keeps pace with the changing work environment by expanding knowledge base.

D)Common Technical Duties.

1.Assesses Samples. - Evaluates specimens prior to analysis; readily recognizes an unacceptable specimen and takes the appropriate action to resolve in a timely manner; consistently timely in notifying appropriate associates when unacceptable specimen encountered; consistently documents or communicates any problems with specimens.

2.Instrument and Equipment Operation. - Demonstrates good skills and knowledge when operating laboratory instruments or equipment.Performs maintenance at correct intervals with complete documentation.Recognizes system malfunctions and takes effective action to resolve the problem or go to back up methods.

3.Analyzes and Reports Test Results. - Accurately performs laboratory tests or procedures in a consistent manner.Readily recognizes significant abnormal results and performs the necessary steps to ensure an accurately reported value.Documents notification of clinically significant abnormal values to appropriate caregiver.

E)Responsible for adhering to hospital policies and procedures.

1.Follows attendance and tardiness procedures.--Accrues no unexcused absences, accrues no more than three (3) unscheduled absences, reports to work station at designated time, and follows established call-in procedures in order to maintain adequate staffing levels.

2.Follows attire and appearance procedures.--Follows established hospital and/or departmental procedures for dress, personal hygiene, cosmetics, hairstyles, facial hair, jewelry, leg-wear and ID badges,recognizing that proper appearance assists in maintaining a professional image and authority.

3.Follows safety precautions.--Follows necessary and pertinent safety precautions during the performance of job duties, to prevent injury to self and/or others and to prevent damages to hospital equipment/property.Has no avoidable accidents or injuries during the past twelve (12) months.

4.Participates in prescribed in-service programs and departmental meetings.--Attends at least 80% of prescribed in-services and departmental meetings each year in order to learn new procedures and update information to more adequately perform job duties and foster greater teamwork and cooperation.

5.Attends infection control and safety programs.--Attends all mandated infection control and safety programs or in-services to maintain a working knowledge of appropriate precautions and actions to be initiated during the execution of duties.

6.Follows hospital policies and departmental rules.--Adheres to hospital policies and departmental rules.

7.Follows the CHRISTUS Health Guidelines related to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), designed to prevent or detect unauthorized disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI).

8.Associate timely completes all required educational assignments


-Must successfully complete orientation and in-lab training.Associate degree or experience that meets CLIA requirements


-None required.

Licenses, Registrations, or Certifications
-Must be registered with ASCP (American Society of Clinical Pathologists) or Board equivalent.

Work Type:

Full Time

Keywords: CHRISTUS Health, Longview , Medical Laboratory Technician, Healthcare , Longview, Texas

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